Space Evolved

Millennium Space Systems, A Boeing Company is America's 21st Century full service, end-to-end space mission solution provider. When you can't rely on "CubeSats" or the physics demands something larger. When it must work as designed. When you need 90% of the capability at 10%-20% of the cost and schedule.

Call us.

Since 2001, Millennium has created high performance space systems for demanding National Security customers. And we have fun doing it.


We Think Hard

We are a deliberate blend of industry veterans & fresh perspectives creating solutions. Those who have ‘been there & done it,’ guiding those who challenge the received wisdom. Innovating together!


We Work Hard

We are experts at defining, designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing and operating complex space systems. We equip ourselves with the best facilities. Then we push ourselves and deliver on our commitments.


We Play Hard

We know what they say about ‘all work and no play,’ so we get out and have fun.

We refresh our minds and bodies so that we can keep delivering.

2001: Company established

Founder Stan Dubyn, former co-founder and COO of Spectrum Astro and President/COO of SpaceDev, agrees to ‘do it again’ and create a credible alternative for demanding National Security Space missions.

2002: Targets & Countermeasures Feasibility Assessment Contract for MDA

Selected to study use of existing launch vehicle assets for anti-ballistic missile testing.

2005: ORS Modular Bus Contract

Completed preliminary design of a low-cost, modular satellite bus for the Office of Responsive Space.

2008: Rapid Pathfinder Contract Awarded

Competitive contract awarded for Millennium's first flight program.

2011: Rapid Pathfinder Launched

Delivered for NROL-66 in just 24 months, the 200-kg Rapid Pathfinder satellite goes on to provide more than six years of operations for three classified payloads. 

2012: WFOV Contract Awarded

Based on success of Rapid Pathfinder, Millennium is awarded a contract to develop a 800-kg GEO satellite system for the USAF Space and Missile Center “wide field of view” pathfinder mission. 

2013: SeeMe Contract Awarded

DARPA selects Millennium to design a radical new satellite platform that can be built in 90 days for under $500k. This becomes the basis of the Company’s ALTAIR™ offering.

2014: New Facility Opened

Having outgrown its Torrance birthplace, the Company expands into a 70,000 square-foot facility large enough to house design, development and operations capabilities.

2017: WFOV Bus Completed

Millennium sells off its large GEO platform, ready for payload integration and launch.

2017: ALTAIR™ Pathfinder launched

In just 12 months, Millennium’s team creates and launches ALTAIR™ Pathfinder, a Company-funded in-orbit qualification vehicle for the avionics, software & manufacturing techniques developed under the SeeMe contract. 

2018: 70th Reaction Wheel Delivered

Millennium’s reaction wheel production line produces its 70th unit, based on designs licensed from Sinclair Interplanetary. 44 of the wheels are already on orbit supporting commercial imaging satellites.

2018: 200th team member joins

With six flight programs underway, Millennium expands staff steeply to maintain vertical integration and deliver single satellite and constellation systems.