ALTAIR™ scales and performs.

ALTAIR™ is Millennium's flight-proven solution for small and medium-sized missions, from LEO to GEO.

ALTAIR™ Solves 21st Century
Space Problems

Your problem demands high performance, rapid delivery, and proliferated assets. ALTAIR™ provides that solution.


21st Century Avionics

Small bus, Big Payload

Miniaturized avionics in ALTAIR™ deliver the power and performance your payloads need. Without gold-plated costs.

Designed For Production

ALTAIR™ enables constellations through advanced manufacturing and testing processes that scale from one to one hundred.

ALTAIR™ Keeps You
in the Lead

Stay ahead of competitive threats by fielding your system quickly and refreshing technology regularly--with ALTAIR™!


From P-POD to ESPA, from single satellite to a swarm.


Robust, flight-proven designs backed by rigorous analysis and testing.


Tailored to your needs and delivered in as little as twelve months.

Want to learn more about ALTAIR?

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ALTAIR™ Pathfinder Proven

ALTAIR™ designs have been proven in orbit on the ALTAIR™ Pathfinder mission.

Hardware in Orbit

Power, GNC, computing, communications, all demonstrated from space.

Software in Operation

GNC, data collection, and operations software fully validated and ready.

Technology Ready

ALTAIR™ subsystems are TRL 9. Reducing your risk. Ensuring your mission success.


Need something with a little more bang for your buck?

ALTAIR™ might not be the perfect solution for you, but we have a feeling AQUILA will be.