AQUILA™ takes you beyond.

AQUILA™ platforms will exceed your small-satellite expectations in every way.

AQUILA™ delivers small satellite advantages for major missions.

Your valuable payload demands a bus to match—on-time, on-budget—and AQUILA™ meets your requirements.


Performance. Assured.

Your system performance requirements demand a larger platform. More power. More aperture. More precision and agility. AQUILA™ supports the necessary technology.

Your program specifies comprehensive mission assurance and customer insight. AQUILA™ is backed by class B/C hardware & processes.

Generous Accommodations

The 1m x 1m payload deck on AQUILA™ supports large sensors and high bandwidth links.

Precision GNC

AQUILA™ has demonstrated arc-second accuracy and high agility.

High Tempo

AQUILA™ can put you on the launchpad in as little as 24 months, with the performance you demand.

Want to talk numbers?

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Keep your mission on target, all the time.

Flight proven. Of course.

AQUILA™ platforms draw on the operational heritage of Millennium's Rapid Pathfinder Program (RPP) satellite. In just 24 months, Millennium developed the RPP platform, integrated a suite of critical payloads for a Government customer, tested and delivered the complete observatory for launch on a Minotaur launch vehicle. Millennium operated RPP successfully in orbit for more than six years—well beyond its design lifetime.


The second AQUILA™, a 1000-kg GEO satellite built for the United States Air Force is complete, tested and awaiting payload integration.


Need a more rapid and scalable solution for your mission?

AQUILA™ might not be the perfect solution for you, but we
have a feeling ALTAIR™ will be.