Millennium's AQUILA™ product line offers adaptable, reliable platforms for the most exacting small-satellite missions (up to 3000kg). Millennium delivers AQUILA™ satellites in 18 to 24 months, with uncompromising quality and engineering rigor.

Millennium's ALTAIR™ is a ground-breaking low-cost platform for LEO constellations. With delivery in as little as 6 months--and prices starting at $500k--ALTAIR™ delivers true precision performance and enables radical new missions and businesses.

A flight-proven small satellite bus, the AQUILA M1 offers 3-axis, agile ACS, single-string avionics, and a large, unobstructed payload volume. Suitable for launch on Minotaur 1 and other small vehicles, the M1 provides a high-reliability option for affordable, high performance observatories.

For larger, more-demanding payloads, the AQUILA M2 retains the heritage M1 core avionics and ACS, adding a mono-propellant propulsion system and larger solar array area. A 1.4-m-diameter payload interface accommodates earth imaging, space science, meteorology, communications, or other payloads.

With a 2-m-diameter payload interface, the AQUILA M4 can be configured with the nominal single-string avionics, or with full redundancy to reach lifetimes up to 10 years in LEO or MEO. Solar panel configurations support payload power of 1 kW or more, for large, demanding payloads.

Scheduled to fly in 2016 as a GEO platform, the AQUILA M8 EELV-class bus can also be deployed for LEO, MEO, and deep-space missions. With baseline payload power of 2500 W (options up to 10 kW), bi-propellant propulsion and single or dual-string avionics, the M8 is a top-of-the-line "small satellite" bus.

Millennium ALTAIR™ satellite platforms deliver top-of-the-line performance at entry-level prices. Designed for customization and rapid constellation production, ALTAIR™ is ready when you need it.

– 30×30×30 cm (27 U Cubesat)

– 50 kg payload capacity

– Up to 90 W payload orbit average power

– 250 W peak payload power

– 20 arcsec pointing control

– 10 arcsec pointing knowledge

– 27 W payload orbit average power

– COTS parts program

– Payload interface customization

– Payload integration

– Thermal vacuum and vibration testing

– 6 months from order to first orbit

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